Friday, January 2, 2015


You probably know how to use bright lighting to inspire your worms to burrow down into the deeper compost. If your system is inside, this will speed them along. Outside the sun will work for you.

Fluffing up the material in the top tray annoys the worms a bit and inspires them to burrow down quicker. I come back the next day, or longer, when the top tray is drier. By then, many of the worms will have left the dry top tray for a wetter and darker neighborhood.

When the worms have completed their work, it is your turn. To preserve your herd and remove a nice uniform vermicompost from the system you need to harvest your product. This can be a tedious and boring task.

You could just build a frame and use 1/8" wire mesh hardware cloth, and shake the contents of the tray into a wheelbarrow.or you could, ... Build an inexpensive VermiHarvester.  
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