Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inorganic Soluble Salts

Have you ever wondered what was being sprayed on the farmer's fields?

Plant roots can only absorb "inorganic soluble chemical salts" (not table salt, of course), so the chemical spray is not organic material. It is a "quick-release" of a few inorganic chemicals. The spray is a quick-fix, and adds no living material to the soil.

Organic material must be converted by soil microorganisms into these inorganic salts, so it follows that if soil contains lots of microorganisms it will grow better plants. Putting organic material like compost into the soil will release these salts for as long as five years. Vermicomposting increases the microorganism content by 8-20 times. The best farmers incorporate lots of composted organic material into their soils for a long-lasting improvement of their yields. Bad farmers consider this too much work and want short-term profits.

For best results, get a soil test to see what your garden needs. Every soil is different.

The VermiChester story is not about commercial composting. It is about MEDIUM-SIZED vermicomposting for large gardens and small truck farming.

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